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Customized news portal Design

Online news portal development should provide readers with the possibility to customize their Hope page giving them the Power to choose sections, contents, topics of their Intrest.

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Instant breaking news updates with unfolding stories of popular interest are powerful enough to keep the portal dragging readers all the Day.

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Frequent content update is essential for news Portal. Without frequent updates website will not attract the Audience

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News spread more on social Media like Facebook and Twitter than news portals.By Integrating with Social Media, news websites can reach to a large audience in a blink of an eye.

Downloadable Documents

Documents can also be organized in nested categories. They display in a list with icons to let users immediately recognize the file type and Download it.

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Providing full HD connectivity over IP from studios worldwide, live platform. Whether you want a live report from thousands of miles away,GBNews LIVE has a solution to fit your budget and technical needs.